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Composting - making your life a little greener!
One of the effective ways you can help the environment and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, is through composting! Food Circle therefore aims to create buzz around the many green benefits of composting at home, through The Compost Project. Not only is it a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and food waste, but it also provides you with a beneficial material for your plants as it serves as a natural soil-conditioner and organic fertilizers. There are various ways to compost at home, and through the Compost Project’s book called ‘Eartha’s Compost Soup’ you’ll be familiarised with one of the composting styles called Vermicomposting!”

In our book Eartha’s Compost Soup, you will learn more about vermicomposting at home. The main character in the book is Eartha the Worm, who will guide you through the process of vermicomposting while making it a fun experience. Eartha will help you understand composting from a different perspective and make your life a little greener!
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  1. Mission and why to compost
  2. What is vermicomposting 
  3. How to vermicompost. 
  4. What to compost or not to compost
  5. Mythbusters
  6. Recipes for sustainability (Smart ways to reuse what you can't compost)
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