Cutting down on food waste, HOW?



Pulling all our knowledge together, the members of the network are currently busy with the plans of how we can reach a 50% reduction in food waste in the Netherlands until 2030. Together with many partners and others stakeholders we meet up every one or two months to follow on our progress and re-visit our plans. 

Check our events to join the planning or contact us by email to share your opinion, knowledge, contacts etc.


The strategy resulting from the plan required cooperation of many players in the food industry, there for cooperation in it self and acting together could always be seen as the overall strategy. Want to collaborate with us or know of other organations or induviduls that we should collaborate with?

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In the beginning of 2018 the Dutch government announched their intenction to reduce food waste in the Netherlands by 50% by the year 2030. That might be their desire outcome but we do not think is enough. Neither 50%, nor the deadline of 2030 are satisfing for us as citiziens and as food surplus organization. We would like to achieve much more and could always use more help.

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