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With this card game, Food Circle aims to bring the value back to food, and for that reason, if you waste food in the game, you lose points. Each player represents a food organisation, and needs to create meals out of the ingredients they receive. They can also freeze, dehydrate or pickle some ingredients, to save them to use in another moment in the game. For meals they get points.

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The Compost  Project

Vermicomposting is probably new to most of you, so simply put it is using worms to decompose your food waste and organic matter, while turning it into a material called humus. Humus is a material that can be used as a natural soil-conditioner and fertilizers for your plants. It is a low maintenance, odorless and clean process that requires very little space, which is why it is a great type of composting that is suitable for people living in cities or if you do not have a garden or a large space for composting! The book explains in simple terms why to compost, what to compost and goes in detail on how you can compost at home.

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