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Roast Dınner


(SERVES 4-6)


• 1.5 kg topside of beef
• 2 medium onions
• 1 bulb of garlic
• 1 Bunch of mixed fresh 
herbs , such as thyme, rosemary, bay, sage

• 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
• Salt
• Black pepper
• 500 g potatoes
• 200 g mushrooms



•Roughly chop some mushrooms and fry them in butter, olive oil, or another plant-based alternative until aromatic and golden. Season well with salt and pepper.

•In the meantime, chop some tomatoes, red pepper and any other vegetables (or fruits) that you like.

•Mix all the ingredients together with lettuce or spinach.

•Finish off with some dressing, croutons, nuts and seeds, or even some cheese!

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