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With this card game, Food Circle aims to bring the value back to food, and for that reason, if you waste food in the game, you lose points. Each player represents a food organisation, and needs to create meals out of the ingredients they receive. They can also freeze, dehydrate or pickle some ingredients, to save them to use in another moment in the game. For meals they get points.

The winner is the player with most points and is declared to be the
Zero Waste Chef!
To reduce paper usage, the QR Code below and on the top card of the deck will take you to the Zero Waste Chef Booklet.

This includes the rules of the game and real-life Zero Waste Chef recipes, so why not take a look?  VIEW HERE
Any Questions or Concerns?
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AGE: 10+
PLAYERS: 3 - 6
LENGTH: 30 - 45 mins 
- 101 Eco-Printed Cards
- Official Pouch
- Custom Dice Available